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Shubh LabhFor Sale

Address: Ayodhya

Property Price

1.5 - 2.4 Cr. Onwards*


100 Acres

No. of Units

405 Units

No.of Tower

None Tower

Flat Size


No. of Floor

None Floors

Starting Price

On Request


On Request

builder Why Shubh Labh?

  • Prepare to witness the emergence of The House of Abhinandan Lodha Codename Shubh Labh Plot, a forthcoming revelation in the World's Spiritual Epicenter. Nestled serenely on the hallowed shores of the majestic River Sarayu, this sacred metropolis bears the revered title of 'Shri Ramjanmabhoomi,' the very sanctified cradle of Lord Shri Ram's divine incarnation. It stands as the illustrious capital of the illustrious Surya dynasty, where the radiance of Lord Ram's reign shines the brightest.

  • This city, steeped in profound spirituality and rich cultural heritage, is poised to capture the hearts and souls of individuals across the globe. The government's resolute commitment is all set to propel Ayodhya onto the world stage as a premier global tourism destination. With a captivating array of awe-inspiring attractions and a visionary transformation in the making, Ayodhya is destined to shine brighter than ever before.

  • Ayodhya's strategic location, just 2 hours from Lucknow, and its well-connected transportation infrastructure make it an ideal destination for tourists. With the soon-to-be-operational Maryada Pushottam Shri Ram International Airport and proximity to the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, air travel is convenient. The presence of Ayodhya and Ayodhya Cantonment railway junctions, along with ongoing improvements at Ayodhya Railway Station, ensures seamless rail connectivity. Moreover, its proximity to major cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Gorakhpur, and Delhi, combined with its inclusion in the Ramayana Circuit and Buddhist Circuit, positions Ayodhya as a strategically located hub for travelers.

  • Experience the epitome of luxury living at 'The House of Abhinandan Lodha - Codename Shubh Labh' in Ayodhya. This 7-Star gated community offers a lifestyle like no other, with over 40 top-notch amenities to elevate your daily life. Discover a world of opulence, comfort, and convenience where every day is a celebration of 'Shubh' (auspicious) moments and 'Labh' (prosperity). Welcome to your dream home, where excellence meets serenity

  • Ayodhya, a thriving global tourism hotspot, has witnessed a substantial rise in tourist numbers, welcoming approximately 20 million visitors in 2019. With the completion of significant projects like the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram International Airport, Ramayan Circuit, and other iconic developments, Ayodhya is poised for exponential growth in tourism. While the peak tourist season spans from Dussehra to Kartik Purnima, domestic footfall also surges during Chaitra Shukl Mela, Shravan Jhoola Mela, and Kartik Shukla Mela, offering a constant stream of festivities in this culturally rich city.



Club House




24/7 Water Supply




Power Backup


Senior Citizen Park


Indoor Games


Swimming Pool


Parking Area


GYM Facilities


Pet Park Area


Outdoor Games

Shubh Labh Gallery
Project Specification
  • infrastructure
    • An impressive entrance that complements the architecture's modern style
    • All pedestrian pathways are finished with concrete

  • land structure
    • All landscape lights are designed to enhance both hardscapes and softscapes
    • Planting avenues with low-maintenance plants for internal and public roads

  • water conservation structure
    • Water treated for landscape irrigation and flushing
    • Recharge pits for rainwater harvesting

  • plumbing structure
    • Underground water lines for flushing, irrigation, and domestic use
    • UPVC pipes provide dual water supply for domestic and industrial use
    Electrical structure
    • Street lighting with LEDs
    • The transformer draws power to the feeder pillars, with a provision for up to plot

  • camera structure
    • The main entrance has a security cabin.
    • At the main entrance gate, RFID boom barriers provide 24/7 security.

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Here's are a few answers to our most common questions

Q: How do I contact you to get a quote?

Ans: You can contact us via our website contact form or by phone to get a quote.

Q: How important is location when buying a house ?

Ans: Location impacts the value and features of a home in many ways. Location of a house reflects the convenience and access to amenities. Living in a good location, you can have easy access to entertainment, schools, hospitals and so on.

Q: Why it is important to do site visit?

Ans: It is important to do a site visit before confirming any property in order to understand the details of the property and it's surroundings.

Q: How many properties can I own at a time?

Ans: You can own as many properties as you want. They're all yours.

Q: Do you offer home loan services?

Ans: Yes, we have all the services that can help you to relate with lenders in order to get your home loan. And our services start from helping to find an appropriate house and then negotiating with the bank on your behalf.

Q: How long does it take to get a home loan?

Ans: Generally, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for your home loan to be sanctioned based on your eligibility.

Q: what is purpose of registration to buy property?

Ans: Registering a property legalizes that you have complete and valid ownership of the property, and it provides you with the title of possession of the property.

Q: How to do the registration of the property?

Ans: Property Registration in India is compulsory under section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908. The registration of property is to be done in the Registrar's Offices by the Sub-Registrar.

Q: What are the documents required for registration?

Ans: 1. Khata and tax determination receipt issued by BBMP or corporation
2. An affidavit
3. Sanction plan or Conversion certificate, if the property is on converted land
4. Title deed or allotment order or possession certificate or sales document, if property is given by government department or agencies
5. PAN issued by Income Tax Department or Form 60 and 61 if the property values more than 5 lakhs
6. Declaration in form 1 under the Karnataka Stamps Rules 1977

Q: how to check construction quality of a house?

Ans: 1. Investigate the soil.
2. Determine the structure design.
3. Check the concrete mix.
4. Inspect the wall thickness.
5. Ensure safety features.
6. Look for paint and plastering quality.

About Builder

The House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABLL) is pioneering a revolutionary approach to land ownership, harnessing technology to make it transparent, secure, and easily tradable. Our vision is to empower individuals, whether first-time buyers or seasoned investors, with the freedom to buy, maintain, and liquidate land effortlessly. We prioritize transparency, ensuring that trust is built through open and accountable processes, while our commitment to security guarantees that land ownership is no longer a gamble. With our digital platform providing liquidity in times of need and the potential for intergenerational wealth creation, HoABLL is reshaping the way the world perceives and interacts with land ownership, promising to stand by our members for the long term and beyond.

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